My thoughts about the Google Pixel 5

I’ve had this phone for several weeks now and I have to say I’m fairly disappointed.

The touch sensor is great. It should never have left. But that’s about the only improvement that I’ve seen. It takes longer to boot up than the Pixel 4 or even Pixel 3 it seems. The processor seems way slower on the active task. The voice-to-text typing is very sluggish compared to the quick response from the Pixel 4.

Warning Issued For Millions Of Google Chrome Users

Hmm. I have read this several times and it still doesn’t make sense to me. 🙂 How is it possible for Chrome to delete data from other apps??? Isn’t Chrome just another app, or have I missed something and Chrome is now part of the OS, a’la Internet Explorer in the Microsoft Windows 3.1 days (or whatever)?

How to Organize Your Google Drive Like a Pro

Google Drive’s biggest benefits are its advanced search features. They can help you sort and organize your files and you’ll always find what you need!

Source: How to Organize Your Google Drive Like a Pro

Oh lordy.  I’ve been missing out on some of these things.  I will be reading this more closely in the near future.  🙂

Chrome: Limiting the number of open tabs – Android Forums at

This would be great, wouldn’t it?! 🙂

It looks like the xTab extension does this for the desktop / runtime version of Chrome.

The Verge: Google reportedly pulls Huawei’s Android license

The Verge: Google reportedly pulls Huawei’s Android license.

A Theory About Google Play Music on Android

I think I’ve determined that the Google Play Music app on Android has no background services. Maybe that’s why it is so jittery and prone to error; There is no overseer handling things.

What do YOU think?!

I would like to see a more responsive, intuitive, thoughtful engine behind my music player.

The Verge: Google’s Inbox app is shutting down in March 2019

The Verge: Google’s Inbox app is shutting down in March 2019.

Well, I guess this makes sense. Recently I did find myself using both Inbox and Gmail for different purposes; I used Inbox for a quick triage of stuff and then use Gmail for composition and search functionality. I didn’t know what Google’s roadmap for either of these apps were so I thought they could be used complementarily. However for simplicity’s sake it seems like just using a single Google e-mail app make sense.

I’m still holding out for the next incarnation of Google Wave!!! 🤞🍀🦄