9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

Did you just copied a text and lost it while copying another text before pasting the first clip? We review 8 clipboard managers for Android.

Source: 9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

I really like Clipper+ but it hasn’t been updated in forever.  :-/

BTW this article is an example of a really good, well-researched product survey.  I’m impressed with how much stuff it showed me that was completely new to me!  Good job, TechWiser and

App for Repeating Location-Based Reminders

I use a few different reminder apps for various situations:

Most of those provide location-based reminders.  I ran into a situation where I thought it would be handy to have a *repeating* location-based reminder, i.e., a reminder every time I visit a location.  I was surprised how hard it was to find an app that does this.  I found this useful thread on reddit in which someone recommended Reminders – Task reminder app on the Google Play store.  Seems great!