Spotify and YouTube Music need the missing feature of batch selection and editing of tracks.

This has been decades in the non-making, folks!!! Get wise! Grow up! Read a book! Try to empathize with your fucking users!!!

A Theory About Google Play Music on Android

I think I’ve determined that the Google Play Music app on Android has no background services. Maybe that’s why it is so jittery and prone to error; There is no overseer handling things.

What do YOU think?!

I would like to see a more responsive, intuitive, thoughtful engine behind my music player. – Windows Wave RT support is now shipping

Wave RT (Wave Real Time) is Microsoft’s new audio driver model for the Windows family of operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 (now in beta). Windows Wave RT support is now shipping for all MOTU FireWire and USB2 audio interface products, including the UltraLite-mk3, 828mk3, 896mk3, Traveler-mk3, 8pre and 828mkII-USB2 models.

Source: – Windows Wave RT support is now shipping

This is probably old news to a lot of people, but I originally used my MOTU 828mkII with a Mac Pro, so was unaware of WaveRT.  Checking this box in the MOTU Audio Console seemed to get rid of some clicks and beeps I was hearing running Windows through my MOTU.


I was still getting some beeps, although much fewer.  I increased the “Samples per buffer” from 64 to 1024 and it seems to have improved things.  I don’t think I’ve heard any beeps since, about an hour ago.