My thoughts about the Google Pixel 5

I’ve had this phone for several weeks now and I have to say I’m fairly disappointed.

The touch sensor is great. It should never have left. But that’s about the only improvement that I’ve seen. It takes longer to boot up than the Pixel 4 or even Pixel 3 it seems. The processor seems way slower on the active task. The voice-to-text typing is very sluggish compared to the quick response from the Pixel 4.

Warning Issued For Millions Of Google Chrome Users

Hmm. I have read this several times and it still doesn’t make sense to me. 🙂 How is it possible for Chrome to delete data from other apps??? Isn’t Chrome just another app, or have I missed something and Chrome is now part of the OS, a’la Internet Explorer in the Microsoft Windows 3.1 days (or whatever)?

At this point in time running Firefox on Android rocks my socks off

I know that the situation can change at any moment with these browser technologies and Web standards in constant flux 🙂 , but I just had to say that I switched from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox this week and have seen an amazing improvement in my mood while using the Web on my smartphone.

Chrome: Limiting the number of open tabs – Android Forums at

This would be great, wouldn’t it?! 🙂

It looks like the xTab extension does this for the desktop / runtime version of Chrome.

How To Record with the Screen Turned Black & Off in Android

There are some sensible reasons why you might want to record with the screen turned off and some nefarious reasons why you might want to record with the screen turned off. I’m going to assume you want to record

Source: How To Record with the Screen Turned Black & Off in Android

I don’t get it.  Why is it treated so skeptically when a person wants to record video without monitoring the output live?  I would like to press “record” on my phone while I’m driving and continue to use my phone while it continues to record video.  Is that such an edge case??  It seems like bad design to me, not only making assumptions that people should want to record video while monitoring it constantly but enforcing it so that when I switch activities, for example, while recording a video the recording stops.  I didn’t tell it to stop.  Why did it stop?  Why should it stop?  Who determined that the default human expectation should be that when you stop looking at a video recording in progress it ceases to be?

9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

Did you just copied a text and lost it while copying another text before pasting the first clip? We review 8 clipboard managers for Android.

Source: 9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

I really like Clipper+ but it hasn’t been updated in forever.  :-/

BTW this article is an example of a really good, well-researched product survey.  I’m impressed with how much stuff it showed me that was completely new to me!  Good job, TechWiser and