How To Record with the Screen Turned Black & Off in Android

There are some sensible reasons why you might want to record with the screen turned off and some nefarious reasons why you might want to record with the screen turned off. I’m going to assume you want to record

Source: How To Record with the Screen Turned Black & Off in Android

I don’t get it.  Why is it treated so skeptically when a person wants to record video without monitoring the output live?  I would like to press “record” on my phone while I’m driving and continue to use my phone while it continues to record video.  Is that such an edge case??  It seems like bad design to me, not only making assumptions that people should want to record video while monitoring it constantly but enforcing it so that when I switch activities, for example, while recording a video the recording stops.  I didn’t tell it to stop.  Why did it stop?  Why should it stop?  Who determined that the default human expectation should be that when you stop looking at a video recording in progress it ceases to be?

9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

Did you just copied a text and lost it while copying another text before pasting the first clip? We review 8 clipboard managers for Android.

Source: 9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019) | TechWiser

I really like Clipper+ but it hasn’t been updated in forever.  :-/

BTW this article is an example of a really good, well-researched product survey.  I’m impressed with how much stuff it showed me that was completely new to me!  Good job, TechWiser and

Android 9: Pie, priority notifications?

If I’m seeing things correctly Android 9 did away with priority notifications and it seems like that’s a huge step backward.

Priority notifications allowed you to tell your phone that while you didn’t want to turn off all notifications you just wanted ones that were important to you for a while. I think if you were to ask people they would love to have this capability. However in Android 9 it looks like this middle ground between all notifications and full-on do-not-disturb mode was eliminated. If I’m wrong about this I hope someone will let me know. My investigations so far have led me to believe that Google decided this feature was a waste of time for some reason. I’m hoping that they choose to reimplement this obviously useful feature.

App for Repeating Location-Based Reminders

I use a few different reminder apps for various situations:

Most of those provide location-based reminders.  I ran into a situation where I thought it would be handy to have a *repeating* location-based reminder, i.e., a reminder every time I visit a location.  I was surprised how hard it was to find an app that does this.  I found this useful thread on reddit in which someone recommended Reminders – Task reminder app on the Google Play store.  Seems great!