I’m appalled at the lack of quality in Google’s Pixel phones, or maybe it’s Android itself.

There are so many bugs in my Pixel 6 Pro that I won’t even go into describing them here. It would take a long time.

And calling them bugs is probably generous. In many cases they are design flaws instead, but there definitely are a lot of bugs. It’s atrocious. I feel like it’s unacceptable to release software of this caliber of consumer usage with this poor quality. Is this the result of a race to come out with something better than the competitor?? Is this the result of pushing things out too quickly in order to gain some market reach?? It seems like it. And I’m sure Google aren’t the only people who are guilty of this sin. I’m just more acquainted with them because I have been a fan of their philosophy, supposedly, for many years and have continued to purchase their products even when they suck.

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