My post on Stackoverflow asking for a way to bundle up my Windows tweaks so I don’t have to make them manually every time I move to a new Windows PC.

Some tips on speeding up Windows 10

I don’t know how much this stuff actually helps. I’d like to see some benchmarks. Does anyone benchmark this stuff, these kinds of tweaks?

Anyway, my work laptop is RAM-bound, apparently, and I’m trying to squeeze as much performance out of this thing as possible. Combine that situation with a corporate VPN (Cisco sucks.) and McAfee BS, you got a slowed-down PC. By design. Which is torturous. 🙂 To know that this is stuff that can be prevented and actual human beings choose not to do so is frustrating and makes me want to switch jobs.

I’m trying out Budgie Desktop from the Solus Linux distribution and am liking it a lot. :-)

First impressions, of course, but man. It’s nice to see something like this in the Linux ecosystem. When I get my new work set-up going I would like to try out Solus itself. I’m currently running Xubuntu on a System76 Galago Pro laptop PC.

Ansible troubleshooting – not a valid attribute for a Play error

Thanks to this guy and his video. I was using “task” singular instead of “tasks” plural. I think it was a copy-and-paste error on my part and it was driving me nuts. (I’m just getting back into Ansible after a long time.)

Windows is somehow still horrible. When will it end???

It’s like being forced to eat your breakfast with pliers. I hate my every encounter with Windows. Unfortunately, despite all of the slapped-on improvements, the rot still exists. And I don’t really understand why. There is an abominable lack of consistency and reliability with regards to ergonomics and input methods. There should be a solid philosophy of user interface but there is none.

With Mac being so proprietary and locked down, that’s a dismal option. There need to be new players here. Someone needs to break us out of this stupid computing rut. Again, it’s a binary argument, which never ends well. Believe it or not, folks, there are other solutions to life’s problems!!! 🙂 And you should be happy about that! Ecstatic, in fact! So let’s not dwell on the known failed options that we’ve tried in the past and move on to newer and better things. Just leave the rest behind and get a fresh start. Unload your burdens that were always unnecessary and likely self-inflicted. Get a new perspective on life! 🙂 Because it is beautiful if you engage with it properly. We all have choices. So I’m hoping that you choose the better path always.

And I still don’t know what to do about my Windows problems. I guess I will have to grin and bear it. 🙂