If I were looking for a job today…

If I were looking for a job today the main three places I would look are ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Stackoverflow Jobs (or whatever they are calling it now). I don’t know how it looks from an employer perspective but it seems like Indeed and ZipRecruiter and Stackoverflow jobs do such a great job of delivering feedback, being intuitive in their design and operation, that I doubt there’s anyone else worth looking at. Or else I would have heard of them, right?? 😂

(And unfortunately it seems like our economy encourages people not to improve upon existing services but rather to simply invent a new one, which is unfortunate for all those who keep using the old service, the one that is poor and probably has a much bigger advertising budget. Which only perpetuates mediocrity and staleness. But that’s for another article.)

When I was unemployed years and years ago in Northern Virginia I was trying to go about things in a logical way. The print ads were not paying off for me and I really was in need of some income so I went to the unemployment office. Well that was a disillusioning experience. Supposedly, the story goes, society wants you to have a job. Well they sure don’t act like it. I didn’t even get calls back for Metrobus Repair Tech. I would love to have learned how to repair a damn Metrobus! Can that really not be an entry-level job? I mean who’s going to take that and then quit just for the training? That’s ridiculous. Who comes off of a lucrative 20-year career of fixing buses elsewhere and says I want to work at WMATA?!

So employment should be extant and given vigorously to all who want it. And if there doesn’t currently exist a slot for somebody then one is created. By the state. Because the state is the only party involved who could do anything without a profit motive. And unfortunately it’s the profit motive when it comes down to it that is keeping people unemployed. For those of you, like myself, who are not well versed in economic theory, here’s something that should seem obvious: employers do very well when people are unemployed. And nowadays here’s another one: GDP soars when people are unemployed.

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