apache – Wildcards in a Windows hosts file – Stack Overflow

Acrylic DNS Proxy (free, open source) does the job. It creates a proxy DNS server (on your own computer) with its own hosts file. The hosts file accepts wildcards.Download from the offical website

Source: apache – Wildcards in a Windows hosts file – Stack Overflow

Awesome!  Nice, open-source, caching DNS proxy for Windows.  Gives you a hosts file that is extremely flexible.  Can finally say something like “ >facebook.com” for blocking all of Facebook’s irritatingly ubiquitous JavaScript.

Lucee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Lucee is open source software that implements a lightweight dynamically-typed scripting language for the Java virtual machine (JVM), facilitating the rapid development of web applications that compile directly to Java bytecode. Lucee is compatible with contemporary CFML script and tag language variants, and provides configurable support for legacy CFML.

Source: Lucee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This seems pretty cool.  Wish it were around while I was doing ColdFusion development!  There were other alternatives for CFML development, but nothing that looked this beneficial and purposeful.